When my partner’s dream of me greeting him at the bedroom door in racy lacy lingerie faded into the reality of baggy old tees and comfy sleep pants, I knew it was time for a wardrobe change.

On a mission to replace my loose fitting mish mash with some fun and flirty sleepwear, I became frustrated at returning home empty handed time and time again. Starring in a 1990’s porn movie or an old 1920’s Victorian classic film was not for me. I wanted something cute that was so comfy it could be worn every single day. I was loath to pay $100 for a piece of itchy lacy string to sit unworn at the back of my bedroom cupboard. It was time to do something about my sleep wardrobe’s sorry state of affairs and Nightie Nite was born.

Nightie Nite has developed nightwear that is as comfortable as a second skin with designs that ensure you feel respectable enough to answer the doorbell. There are no baggy tee-shirt sacks in our range and we leave the revealing lingerie to others. Our aim is to be cute, comfy, fun and flirty every night of the week.

Nightie Nite is for the busy, modern woman of any age who wants to look good and have fun. Our nighties are fantastic for travel as they fold into almost nothing, leaving more room in your case for your all-important high heels. Contemporary colours and styles will keep you looking good and feeling amazing at under half the price of most specialist nightwear brands.

No more living in ratty old tees at our house – the nightmare has been replaced with sweet dreams.

Make tonight a Nightie Nite!